iM3NY Mobilizes Equipment Onto the Factory Floor

iM3NY team has been busy getting ready to start production in the 2nd half of 2022. While 2021 was mostly dedicated to construction and customization of the infrastructure, the start of 2022 has seen mobilization of the manufacturing equipment on the factory floor!  

While construction activities still continue, iM3NY was able to mobilize its coat and dry equipment for cathode production along with some drying ovens that are utilized in different process steps. These are heavy equipment that need to be anchored to the floor in special way. This equipment also is located within the main dry room, which is a special room built inside the factory that is maintained at very low humidity levels.  

Dr. Priyadarshi Panda, Senior Vice President of iM3NY said “All of the equipment that we possess will be go through a 4-step process to install and commission. Mobilizing the equipment and securing it to the floor is the first Tier in the process. Next will be to get all utilities hooked up to these machines and get them ready to turn on. Unit and System level commissioning will follow next”.  

iM3NY is currently constructing and customizing its factory floor within the Huron Campus, in the city of Endicott, New York. iM3NY aims to get all different equipment on to the factory floor during Q1 of 2022 with utility connections following suit. Production of cells is anticipated to being from Q2 of 2022 itself.

Leading the Way In US Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing

iM3NY is an independent lithium-ion cell manufacturer that is commercializing cell chemistry developed in the USA. With a supply chain that is primarily North American based, iM3NY is truly built in America, for the World.